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Security Alert: Beware of Wire Fraud


We are sharing urgent information based on recent attempts to defraud our clients and the increasing amount of wire fraud we are seeing.

These scenarios can include fraudsters taking over clients’ email accounts, using fake email accounts that look similar to real ones, and sending fraudulent wire instructions or requests.

Put simply, criminals are trying to steal our clients’ money every day, and we want to help protect you.

What You Can Do

  • Confirm wiring instructions in person or by phone with a known number.
  • Verbally verify the authenticity of each wire transfer request by phone with a known number.
  • Be suspicious of any urgent changes to wiring instructions, especially on Fridays or before holidays.
  • Slow down. Taking the time to scrutinize requests and emails lowers your chance of accidentally falling victim to fraud.
  • Carefully review emails for irregular sender addresses, incorrect grammar, typos, and suspicious links and attachments.
  • Secure your accounts and devices by using sophisticated passwords and updating them regularly, implementing two-factor authentication where available, and completing software and security updates.
  • Inform your employees about email phishing and account takeover scams and train them to inspect all emails closely.
  • From time to time, Southern First may reach out to you to verify a transaction. It is important that you take extra steps to validate the transaction in question to help us guard you against fraud.

We take your protection seriously. If at any point any transaction, transaction request, or account activity seems unusual, please call your banker directly or call us at 877-679-9646 immediately.