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Commercial Credit Card

Business Spending, Streamlined

Experience the ease of a card program that fits all your needs - automate payments, improve cash flow management, increase control and fraud protection, generate rebate income, and more.

Woman at desk on the phone and holding credit card.

Administrator Experience:

  • Secure, online eZBusiness portal for company administrators
  • Submit real-time and queued requests through the portal
  • Create and manage card holders: limits, spending restrictions, portal access, and more
  • Receive a consolidated billing statement
  • Manage recurring payments online
  • View statements online and export transaction history to Excel, CSV, and other formats
  • Add and manage additional administratiors and control seperation of duties for security

Cardholder Experience:

  • Secure, online eZCard portal for cardholders
  • Can be enrolled by company admin or cardholders can self-enroll
  • Easy access to account information including recent and pending transactions, spending limit, current balance, and more
  • Electronic statements available for download
  • Account alerts via text message or email to help manage and monitor account
  • Submit disputes through portal

Purchasing Card


Centralized expense management, making it easier to monitor and analyze spending patterns

Customizable spending limits for each cardholder

Vendor and merchant controls prevent unauthorized purchases

Virtual Card


Greater flexibility, enhanced security, and improved control over online spending

Dynamic card details and ability to set transaction-specific limits add an extra layer of security

Generate virtual cards for temporary or single-use purposes

Fleet Card


Efficiency, control, and visibility into transportation-related expenses

Detailed reporting on fuel expenses

PIN numbers and transaction monitoring prevent unauthorized or fradulent use

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 Commercial Credit Card Terms & Conditions apply.  

See  VISA's Guide to Benefits for more information on eligible benefits with Southern First VISA Commercial Card.